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Curatorial Mutiny has for many years been developing many collaborations between visual art and choreography. We are proud to announce that The Swedish Arts Council supports a project by Choreographer Carima Neusser with the working title "Baroque Architecture and the Swedish Fable."

The project is lead by Carima Neusser and includes participants from four European countries: Amanda Billberg, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Siri Jennefelt, Emilia Rota and Isabella Pasqualini.


Curatorial Mutiny is proud to announce a public event that connects three of the projects that we are involved in. The project will be shown publicly at La Villette in Paris. Based on the “Spiritual Lapdance” that More Eyes presented in Los Angeles they will join forces with the EEGsynth team and Daniela de Paulis Cogito project at La folie numerique.

The program.
13:00 EEG mechanical piano installation, synth jams with Kevin Bartoli
19:00 Ignacio Rebollo (ENS): Lecture – Synchronous waves in the mind, brain and stomach
20:00 Samon Takahashi: Lecture – Pioneers of brainwave music
21:00 Carima Neusser, Per Huttner, Stephen Whitmarsh: Spiritual Lapdance, EEG-music & dance performance

Entry is free and all events are open to the public.


- More Eyes: A speculative event with neuroscience, visual art, music and dance.

OC Oswaldo de Andrade, March 10, 16.30-18.30 – presentations are in Portuguese and entry is free of charge.

Welcome to More Eyes!

OC Oswaldo de Andrade invites you an open and experimental laboratory where neuroscience, art, dance and music together look for new forms of understanding the world. As an audience member you will enjoy a mix of short presentations, performances, videos and collective exercises that all reflect on how we as humans perceive the world through the body and through vision. Both science and the arts share similar and different understandings on how our inner and outer worlds are shaped and interact: How can the thinking around these questions, the feeling of our bodies inform how we take in the world? Can we activate our senses in new an unexpected ways by learning about ourselves and about life together?

By allowing these ideas to co-exist the participants and audience will learn and develop together. Each presentation offers research questions, possible answers and solutions rather than facts. You, as an audience member therefore play an important part in the ongoing research, exchanges and your contribution can inform the form and content of the event.

Alvaro Machado Dias will talk about how meditation has changed how neuroscience understands the world and invites the audience to make a meditative practice with a drummer. Lia Chaia will present videos of her work and make a group exercise. Per Huttner, Carima Neusser and Siri Jennefelt will present a video performance. The event will end by a collective discussion where everyone can share their views.

More Eyes forms a part of Swedish Visual artist Per Huttner and choreographer Carima Neusser’s research into the above questions. It has been presented in similar formats in Mexico City and Los Angeles. The event in Sao Paulo has been developed with researcher Vinicius Spricigo.

The project is funded by Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, The City of Stockholm, the Swedish Arts Council and is supported by Sao Paulo Escola de Teatro.

- Alvaro Machado Dias, Neuroscientist, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)
- Lia Chaia, artist, Sao Paulo
- Per Huttner, artist, Paris
- Carima Neusser, choreographer, Stockholm
- Siri Jennefelt, composer, Stockholm


1+1=3 at the Brain Week

1+1=3 will present a performance at Semaine de cerveau (the Brain Week) at ENS in Paris March 14. In the sound performance the group will  use the EEGynth that uses naturally occurring electrical signals in the Brain to control music. The performance is followed by two talks: The first where Stephen Whitmarsh talks about the history of EEG and how it has been sonified. The second where Samon Takahashi talks about the history of music and brain waves.


Our BCMI-network in France

EEGsynth - Brainwave Music
Retour vers le Second Square
- Saturday, February 17,  5pm, presentation + concert.
- Sunday, February 18, workshop.

The project forms a part of our endeavour to create a network of people and institutions working with Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI). With support from the City of Stockholm, Kulturbryggan and the Swedish Arts Council


Curatorial Mutiny Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

More information (in Spanish) here.

MKP at CICO in Mexico City

MKP (Tomorrow’s Art Audiences) has been working with students at CICO (Center for Choregraphic Investigation) in Mexico City in January. Together they have been developing new formats for the integration methods from contemporary visual art into education in dance and Choreography. The visit is supported by Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Stockholm stad and the Swedish Arts Coun