More Mexican and Brazilian Collaboration


We are proud to announce that The Swedish Arts Council supports Curatorial Mutiny's work in Mexico and Brazil. We will travel to perform with wonderful partners in Sao Paulo and Mexico City this winter and the coming spring. It is exciting for us to return and present work that has been developed in Europe for an audience in these exciting cities. More details about times and venues soon.


CM in Finland and Norway

We will travel with our partner Vision Forum to two Nordic workshops. We will be in Bergen and Oslo November 21-27, preparing for future projects that build on experiences from “Our Need for Consolation” and “Baroque Architecture.” We will also be working with Finnish, Norwegian and Italian partners in Jakobstad in Northern Finland November 21-25. The meeting is organised by our long-standing partner Energiverket.


Baroque Architecture and Submission in Malmö

Baroque Architecture and Submission shows the outcome of their two-week residency in Malmö on October 12 at 3pm. Please sign up for this free event by contacting Dansstationen.

Baroque Architecture and Submission is a performance that investigate spaces: imaginary and real, in the body and in architecture.  In it two dancers move slowly without interacting with each other. They move from tableau to tableau and we do not know if they are afflicted by inhumane apathy, dumbstruck by a pleasure avalanche or blissfully following a heavenly light in their souls. Baroque Architecture and Submission is born from Choreographer Carima Neusser’s meeting with baroque churches in Central America. Through the spaces and images she investigates how the architecture of the church seeks out infinity, ecstasy and dissolution of the self.

The project is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The City of Stockholm and The Swedish Arts Council 


New Eyes at Rönnells

Curatorial Mutiny and our partners at Vision Forum are proud  to announce the presentation of the performance New Eyes at Rönnells in Stockholm on September 27 at 7pm (Entrance 100 sek). The performance is the outcome of a research trip in Mexico, the US and Brazil by choreographer Carima Neusser, visual artist Per Hüttner, composer Siri Jennefelt with the support of Amina Neusser.

The performance includes newly composed music, choreography, slideshows, smells, tastings and videos. Inspiration is taken from from baroque churches, Mexican soap operas, research on bats, meetings with representatives of the Apache nation, street food and modernist Brazilian literature. The work is like the journey it describes: it that can not be understood rationally, but has to be experiences with all five senses – just as you cannot seize the magic of the night without allowing madness to enter your mind.

The artists synthesize an experience for the audience by extracting four moods or situations. Based on these, they create collages where different impression merge into new constellations. In each part, the artists start from impressions, feelings paradoxical and interconnected phenomena instead trying to recount what they experienced rationally.

The project is funded by Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, The City of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants committee and the Swedish Arts Council.


Curatorial Mutiny at Studio Crasher

Curatorial Mutiny members Carima Neusser and Per Huttner were interviewed by Associate Professor Kit Messham-Muir of the Curtin University, Perth, Australia in Los Angeles. They talk about their practice and about the work that they were undertaking in the US and Brazil.


Curatorial Mutiny is proud to announce a series of residencies and public presentations of Baroque Architecture and The Swedish Fable Residency. The group will participate in Grupp 5 Residency at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan in August . They will be in residency at Dansstationen in Malmö in October and at c.off in Stockholm in November. Public presentations will be made at C.off, Dansstationen, Dansens hus and at Tegelscenen.

More info here.

Choreography: Carima Neusser Dance: Laura Oriol, Adriano Wilfert Jensen.  Collaborators: architect Isabella Pasqualini, light designer Mira Svanberg, composer Siri Jennefelt, scenographer Sofia Romberg, costume Emilia Rota.

Baroque Architecture and The Swedish Fable Residency is produced with Vision Forum. The project is supported by Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad and Konstnärsnämnden.


Brain Brunch in Montreuil

Are you hungry? Do you want to learn about the brain? Want to experience an amazing performance? Or just in the mood for some music?

At noon, Sunday July 1 you will be able to enjoy neuroscience, experimental music and haute cuisine in a wonderful mix at Otlab in Montreuil!!! Neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh (1+1=3) and neurologist Velrio Frazzinin will cook it up in (virtually ;-)) all the sense of the word!
Le Balto Otlab
182, rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil, Ile-De-France, France