EEGsynth Receives Grant

We are very happy to announce that our partner in developing the EEGsynth, Vision Forum has been rewarded a considerable Kulturbryggan grant. With this grant we will together develop ways to fuse musicians’ brains, furthering our interdisciplinary research in brain-synthesis. Specifically, we will create ways for people to “jam” together, by connecting their EEG to sound equipment. It will allow anyone with a brain – irrespective of clumsy hands, or any hands at all – to use their brain as an instrument and learn to communicate in non-verbal way through sound and musical. Stay tuned for more!


1+1=3 in Uppsala

At the finissage for the exhibition “Inget att se här!” Jean-Louis Huhta will present magnetoencephalography (MEG) recording made using 306 sensors that picked up his brain’s magnetic activity, while he was falling asleep. The recording was done by neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh, who then analyzed oscillatory activity in several frequency bands (theta, alpha and beta), reflecting shifts in Huhta’s focus, attention and relaxation. Jean-Louis will use open-source software and hardware to transform these fluctuations of brain activity into control voltages, which he will use to control his modular synthesizer.

Strandbodgatan 3,
75323 Uppsala, Sweden


Curatorial Mutiny gets support for Nordic Tour

Curatorial is proud to announce that the Nordic Culture Fund supports our project "The Boundaries of Death Challenged." The project is a platform to bring together music and visual art from Haiti and the Nordic countries to reflect on how human mortality informs our every day existence.

Together the artists (Jean-Claude Saintilus, Jean-louis Huhta, Per Huttner) will develop a collaborative performance that brings together two distinct and opposing cosmologies: On the one hand, the secular, scientific Nordic tradition that sees death as the end and the Haitian vision where the boundaries between the living and the dead remain porous (The dead “live” among as humans and voodoo artists like Jean-Claude Saintilus interact with them on a daily basis.)

The artists will create a performance together during a two-week residency in Kirkenes that reflects on these questions. They will continue to develop it as they travel through Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark integrating traces of the research as well as knowledge acquired along the way. They will use modular synthesizers, percussion, acoustic instruments, voice and video projections in the process. Along the tour, the will invite a series local of guests who will contribute to the performances.

The journey will give them a better understanding how the two perspectives on death and what can be learned from them. The project also offers new insights into how inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogues can support tolerance as well as offer depth in our daily lives.

The performances will be presented in two forms:
- Clubs, museums and concert halls in the visited cities.
- In public spaces including old burial places, disused execution places and other spaces where mankind is confronted with its mortality.


OuUnPo returns to Japan

Following up on the successful session in Tokyo and Yokohama members of OuUnPo travel to Japan to create a publication. The book is related to the use of body and its imagination in books and the culture of Japan. It connects to the topic of catastrophe and heritage that OuUnPo investigated in the Japanese session as well as in Beirut, Sao Paulo and Gibellina. The questions will further developed in the publication.


Curatorial Mutiny at Vallastaden 17 in Linköping

Curatorial Mutiny presents “The Artist Home Away” in collaboration with Vision Forum. The project reflects on what the artist’s role could or should be in contemporary society as well as how the dialogue between artist and their audiences can become more dynamic. It does so from the perspective of how we look at work, private life and how the two interact. The artwork is presented at “Vallastaden 2017,” an international architectural expo that looks for dynamic solutions for future living.

Selected events from the program:
- Sixten Nielsen from Human Hotel lectures and works with students from Linköping University.
- Installtions and presentations by participating artists Lise Yuen Kolstad and Li Xiaofei,
Carima Neusser,  Siri Jennefelt. and Per Hüttner perform for and create workshops in dialogue with students from Linköping University.


Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann about art, science and spirituality

Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann talks about art, science and spirituality at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm

– September 17, 6 -8pm.

We are proud to announce a unique opportunity to meet and listen to Roald Hoffmann chemist and artist. He writes poetry, plays and is currently working on an opera with a composer. In Hoffmann’s richly illustrated lecture, Hoffmann will move from chemistry, as an essential tool for making art to the artistic elements in the molecular science. He will then take on a more difficult task of sketching the spiritual ground which art and a science – that has creation at its heart – share. He will even take a wild leap to modern times, by posing a question that at first sight seems absurd: Is there an analogue in science to abstract art? We’ll see.

The event also hosts the first public presentation an artwork by Swedish artist, Per Hüttner that is devoted to Hoffmann’s work. It focuses on the laureate’s passion for the dialogue between science and art with aim of inspiring conversations on the topic. The artwork forms a part of a suite of pieces devoted to eight Nobel laureates that has been developed in dialogue with the museum.

Hoffmann received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981, which he shared with Kenichi Fukui "for their theories, developed independently, concerning the course of chemical reactions." Hoffmann is a theoretical chemist, which means that he does not really do experiments or have a laboratory. Instead he thinks and computes. He focuses on supporting the general public in understanding chemistry and inspiring fellow chemists to create and discover. His primary work tool is therefore writing, although he often underlines that drawing models of molecules or the locations of electrons in “orbitals” is a very important part of his practice.

Come join us for this inspiring event. The event is free of charge and the bar is open from 6pm. There is a limited number of seats, and booking is essential. So make sure you book your seat as soon as possible using this link

The project is supported by Stockholm County Council and Stockholms Stad.


Curatorial Mutiny at IRCAM in Paris

Curatorial Mutiny is proud to announce that Stephen Whitmarsh will present the work that we carry out with EEGsynth at IRCAM in Paris  at 12:00 noon on July 12. Below you find the abstract for the talk. You can also see the entire talk here.