Governing Bodies in Helsinki


- The Bioart Society Curatorial Mutiny and Vision Forum invite you to five days of performances, lectures, concerts, workshops, sauna trips and a mixture of these expressions.

Each human being lives in symbiosis with 1,5kg of microbes. They live in and on our body and because they are so tiny they outnumber the amount of cells that make up our bodies. They influence our health and probably also our personality. Governing Bodies is an international group of artists from multiple genres (visual art, dance and music) who work closely with researchers in biochemistry, psychiatry and material sciences. Together they share a deep interest in how humankind’s growing understanding about the microbes in the human body influence humankind’s understanding of itself and our place in the world.

The group has met, discussed, cooked, eaten and made interdisciplinary art events about microbes since 2018. During this time they have also changed how they eat, how they understand their bodies and the world they inhabit. In May 2022 the groups will travel to Helsinki where they will share their knowledge, experience and also learn from you. The work (with artists and institutions in Finland) constitutes a collective effort to inspire new thinking, new eating habits and new perspectives on art.

In Finland special focus will given to microbes and emergence. Nature is filled with examples of how complex behaviours arise from relatively simple elements: we see this in how ants behave, or in how fish shoals or bird flocks interact. The term emergence is used to describe these fascinating manifestations of self-organisation that can, at first glance, seem inexplicable. Where does the extra injection of complexity suddenly come from? One thing is clear: these emergent phenomena can only be understood as collective behaviours — there is no way to make sense of them without looking at dozens, hundreds, thousands or more of the contributing elements. These wholes are indeed greater than the sums of their parts.

In Governing Bodies Helsinki we will investigate how emergent properties influence our relationship with the microbes that we live in symbiosis with. For instance, the group has noticed that when they change their eating habits it affects the microbes in their gut, which influences their health and overall mood, which affects what they eat etc. creating infinite feedback loops.

Wednesday, 1.6. evening
Listening in — diving into an ocean of emergent behaviour.
* 19.00 performance / deep listening at SOLU
* 20.00 EEG-synth experience / meditative one-on-one sessions (2-3 EEG synth sessions) – seperate room at SOLU.
* 21.00 Food at SOLU

Thursday, 2.6.
Emergence is surrounding us — examples of emergence on macroscopic and microscopic levels and how they influence us and our life world.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 11.00 Introduction to Emergence at SOLU
* 13.00 Lunch
* 14.30 Open for BioArt Society contribution
* 16.00 Riina Hannula, Microbial Medi(t)ation (Yoga for Microbes, group exercise) at SOLU (or outside, weather permitting).
* 19.00 Sauna, venue TBA
* 21.00 Dinner

Friday, 3.6.
On microbes and macrobes — scales of observation, behavioural patterns, and inter-system similarities.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
*  10.30 Discussion with Veikko Jousmäki at SOLU
* 11.30 Till Bovermann Performative talk – City as Organism. (Departure from Solu.)
* 14.00 Lunch on the way
* 15.30 Open for BioArt Society contribution
*  19.00 book release at SOLU
* 20.30 performative event at SOLU
* 21.00 Dinner

Saturday, 4.6.
Politics of emergence — layers of consciousness, layers of interpretation.
* 10.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 11.30 Carola Uehlken- walking through city, landscape, building? (Departure from SOLU)
* 13.00 Lunch
* 14.30 Freddie Ross – ethics of microbes at SOLU
* 17.00 Concert at Akusmata
* 21.00 Individual dinner

Sunday, 5.6
Beyond emergence? — dispersion and re-formation.
* 11.00 breakfast at SOLU
* 12.00 Summary and departure

The project has developed out of a collective investigation called The Nature Inside and is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund in Copenhagen; Längmanska kulturfonden, in Stockholm; Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki as well as Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland. Photo by Till Boverman.


Circle Squared goes Science


Curatoriual Mutiny is proud to announce that our research group “Circle Squared” will perform at “Vetenskapsfestivalen”  (The Science Festival) in Gothenburg 7pm May 7. The concert is open to the public at free of charge (Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten, Trappscenen, Renströmsgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg). More practical details here. The group uses the EEGsynth to play cutting edge contemporary music. They will improvise, within clear boundaries, a 1 hour piece conceived by the group during Nordic workshops organised and carried out by Vision Forum in Sweden and Denmark in 2019-2021. In conjunction with the Gothenburg gig they will appear on Swedish national radio P4 at 3.10pm on Friday May 6.



LPJ-L in Cairo


LPJ-L will perform at 3031 Art Fest in Cairo, March 12 at 7.30pm. The Festival takes place at the epic Darb 1718 art centre.

LPJ-L is a new performance configuration using the EEGsynth. They will perform “Neu Oscillations,” a 1 hour piece conceived by the group during Nordic workshops organised and carried out by Vision Forum in Sweden and Denmark in 2019-2021. LPJ-L will shortly launch their website. They will also perform at “Vetenskapsfestivalen” in Gothenburg May 7 and they will appear of Swedish national radio. More news here soon.


The team organising the art and science project V8skan are meeting in Cairo and Fayoum January 16-22, 2022 in order to prepare their upcoming publication/game. The work’s goal is to create a platform for inter-human communication that deliberately avoids polarisation, politics and social media. The publication/game will instead inspire deep conversations, beautiful dialogues and shared investigation into the beauty and ingenuity of life. The publication is supported by Längmanska kulturfonden.


A New Zygote is Born

The Curatorial Mutiny team is proud to announce that we have been granted support from Kulturbryggan in Stockholm to develop the project "Zygote." It is an interdisciplinary project where the audience gets to experience new bodily experiences in natural waters across Europe. In "Zygote", performance artists, musicians, fashion designers and researchers work to develop new bodily experiences. This takes place during excursions to natural lakes, rivers and pools where the audience's bodies are submerged under water.

The process does not result in a final performance, instead the working group conducts a series of ongoing investigations together with different audience groups. We call these proto-performances. This makes the work an ongoing and investigative process.

- In the Zygote experience a small audience group (6-8 people) travel by minibus to pools, rivers, lakes or to bays of the sea.
- Here, the audience is invited to "find their way back to" the foetal stage while their bodies are immersed in water. They are led through these experimental water exercises by a choreographer. Together with her they develop new ways of experiencing their own bodies. They do so by investigating movements that the foetus performs during its development in the womb.
- To make the proto-performance process possible, a fashion designer creates wet suits that the audience wears in the water. The goal is not to create aesthetic costumes, but to create suits so that the audience can experience new bodily experiences. The suit also has a semi-permeable and stretchy cocoon-like "foetal membrane" and other features that help them find their way back to the womb. This creates limitations for the audience which in turn enables new bodily experiences.
- With Zygote the working group also develops hardware and software to work with sound in innovative ways. They are developed to create sounds similar to what the foetus hears in the womb. The goal is to work with the tactile quality of sounds (which the audience feels underwater). We work with underwater speakers and develop special digital interfaces. What leads to innovative sound expressions? What can musicians and composers learn from this experience?

The project is developed in collaboration with our partner Vision Forum and is led by choreographer Carima Neusser.


Circle Squared at KTH in Stockholm

Circle Squared is a project that sets out to build further on the hardware and software development of the biofeedback platform “the EEGsynth.” Curatorial Mutiny has been part of the team of developers working with the EEGsynth since its inception 2014. The current project will strengthen the aesthetic and artistic potential of the EEGsynth. The goal is to develop technology that can be used by performers to create work where sound, moving images and light are merged to a whole performative universe. This technology will consist of above mentioned hardware configurations and might include completely new components, as well as custom created software solutions that will enable composition and performance with bio signals as raw material and sonic and visual results as output.

The technology will also be devised to give the performer, whose bio-signals are measured, expanded possibility of more nuanced and long-term precision in artistic expression. Armed with the knowledge of the previous work, the group is now ready to explore more layered levels of expressions; to increase the level of complexity of the instrument. The goal is to create a more virtuoso performances that, while putting a higher demand on the performer, would offer new depths in the material performed.

The Nordic workshop will be held at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm October 14-17, 2021.



Nordic Art Lab is a project in which Nordic Culture Point invites artists to work on-site with various kinds of interdisciplinary projects at their premises in Suomenlinna

During the first Nordic Art Lab, an interdisciplinary group of artists from Curatorial Mutiny will work to create the piece “Sensing Landmarks” over a two-week period. The three artists are Carima Neusser (Sweden), John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal (Norway), and Carola Uehlken (Germany).

The piece “Sensing Landmarks” brings together dance, visual art, architecture, music, and poetry with the aim of creating a guided tour that is specific to Suomenlinna’s nature, architecture, and history. During their residency, the artists will develop texts and scripts, choreography, music, videos, and scenography to guide the audience through an interdisciplinary experience with an emphasis on the senses. The work will be an opportunity to find new perspectives on Suomenlinna’s unique architecture and history in a creative and innovative way. The group will also invite people to participate in the creative process who have specific knowledge about or who feel a sense of love for the place. The work process is thoroughly transparent, with ample scope for improvisation.

At the end of the residency period, the public will be invited to participate in one of two guided tours
organised by the artist group in Suomenlinna on Friday 8 October and Saturday 9 October 2021.

Guided tours:
8 October at 7.00 pm
9 October at 7.00 pm

Registration beforehand! Maximum 25 people.

Starting point: Suomenlinna Tourist Information Office, C1 (Close to the main pier)

Sensing Landmarks forms a part of the project “Baroque Architecture and Submission” that is developed by Curatorial Mutiny and Vision Forum in collaboration with various partners including Morgondagens konstpublik and is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.