What Cannot Be Said.

Interview project with FCAC, Shanghai and Curatorial Mutiny in collaboration with Linköpings Universitet in Norrköping.

4 artists and curators will each carry out 3-4 for interviews with people of their choice on the theme outlined below.

Wang Dan
Angelo Romano
Liu Xinyi
Susanne Ewerlöf
Hanna Hannerz

The project will be published on the Curatorial Mutiny and FCAC websites in parallel in English and Chinese.

What Cannot Be Said brings together 5 young artists and curators to create a series of interviews that discuss the limits of what can be expressed – in words, in art or in science. It develops themes that are at the core of Curatorial Mutiny’s activities such as:

What are the boundaries of human knowledge? What role should art play? How can art be more visionary and give more to its audience? The project also addresses issues as, how do you deal with experiences and phenomena that cannot be expressed or explained.

What Cannot Be Said addresses questions related to censorship, what is the difference between an inner censorship and an exteriorly imposed silence? How can knowledge be safeguarded and passed on without becoming instruments of oppression?

What Cannot Be Said is firmly grounded in the culture of visual art and also approach the boundaries of what art can address, express and how it functions differently from other genres and sciences.

In keeping with the Curatorial Mutiny spirit the participants are invited to question academic forms of writing and also invite non-art professionals to be interviewed to ensure an interdisciplinary approach and to safeguard that the dialogue does not become to introverted, but deals with real issues in life.

What Cannot Be Said will open a new blog on this site that will allow the general public to write and comment on the content. If you or anyone else at LiU want to contribute, please contact us on:


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