For participation in the International Teletext Art Festival held in Helsinki in March 2012. DL 25th Jan! (www.fixc.fi/itaf)

ITAF is organised by FixC cooperative (http;//www.fixc.fi) in collaboration with YLE the national broadcast corporation of Finland.

The works will be shown on YLE Teletext pages 8.3.2012 -8.4.2012 / the Internet and presented in the one evening TELETEXT event 8.3.

Artists are welcome to participate with 24 -page animations (1 page + 24 sub -pages) or single image works (much easier).

1. We have a 0 € budget so by participating you give us a permission to show your work for one month on the ITAF teletext pages / Internet and the TELETEXT event free of charge (the copyright remains with the artist)
2. No porn, ads or copyright infringements (Rules given to us by YLE)
3. Deadline for submitted works is 25th Jan 2012
4. All works must meet the teletext standard

All participating artists names will be published on FixC web site on 1.2.2012, If there are more submissions than we can present we will invite a non-FixC member to do the selection.

Follow the link for a technical guide and a free Teletext editor by Microtel a project curated by ambientTV.net in 2006:


More Teletext info:


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